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Manage Reservations for all your properties from a
single domain with DLS CRO ! 

DLS CRO extends the functionality of reservation booking by packing in it the supporting features required for such an establishment like sales and marketing, corporate house functionalities, travel agents functionalities and adequate statistical and analytical information which is quite imperative on business building factors.

DLS CRO assumes various facets as listed below :

  • Reservations Reservation officers can accept reservations for all the properties in the property chain from one location while having hands on access to rooms availability on any given date for any given property online.

  • Sales Sales associates can access room availability information while negotiating with potential guests remotely. Real-time information is readily available on touch of a key. Appointments management, Mailmerging, DLS-SMS to mention a few, have been incorporated to facilitate the daily routine tasks of this department.
  • Members - DLS CRO can be installed at corporate houses which have regular bookings in a particular hotel chain which enables the company or travel house to book their reservations directly into the real time repository. Such organisation could be designated as members of the hotel chain.

  • Associates This facility is meant for Travel hubs handling bookings spread across several property chains for their tourists.

DLS CRO features

  • Rapid Reservation functionality.
  • Handshake with Online reservations. (DLS CRes)
  • Foresee rooms availability across properties.
  • View/Print Guest profile from any property in the property chain.
  • Admin users can compare statistics across different properties in the property chain.
  • Frequent visitors, one time visitors anaysis.
  • Guest comments analysis.
  • Interface to international travel GDS.
  • Geographical distribution on google GDS.
  • Forecasting and budgeting booking status.
  • Actual Vs. Forecast Analysis.
  • Categorization of rooms based on features and featurewise booking.
  • Guest Relationship management features.
  • Demand forecast, Pricing diagnosis, Demand analysis.
  • Manage appointment, transfer apppointments.
  • Offtake analysis, Company offtake, Travel Offtake, RTW outlook, Monthly distribution, Weekly analysis etc.,


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