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              About DLS...!
DLS Software provides the Service, Expertise and the Technology that allows your business to run more  efficiently and more profitably.

Our services were initially concentrated on providing total hardware and networking solutions to this industry. Our association with this industry as hardware associates, provided us with an insight into their actual working and the attendant problems. Though a couple of packages were available the general opinion was that these were not totally complete or compatible with the actual requirements. This provided us with an impetus to embark upon development of a better software solution packed as DLS Opt Property Management System.

DLS is a contemporary sensation in the hospitality industry, having friendly and intuitive user interfaces, extensive and consistent reporting, high degree of integration, powerful data security and providing centralised control. 

It took us over 4 years of toil and perseverance to finalize a product which, as things stand today, is probably the best considering the effective integration of various modules, hand shake with serial PnP interfaces and committed software support.

The software uses state of the art development tools, flexible programming methods and is built upon an effective foundation, which makes system extremely flexible to suit the changing needs of a property.    The clients can access information from any part of the globe on all their properties as though they are bodily present in there.

Our Motto :  Total Customer gratification and Prompt Services.



  • Centralised Online Control.
  • Completely integrated modules.
  • Multilevel security.
  • Committed Online support 24/7/365. 
  • Multi backend support.
  • No Hidden costs.
  • Contemporary tech savvy.
  • Handshake with any third party devices.
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