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Intuitive pictorial user interface

Completely integrated modules

High degree of data security
  • User Friendly
DLS Property Management System has been developed keeping in view the hectic schedule of the industry workforce together with the demanding efficiency and hospitality. 

System embeds all possible tools to atomize every little transaction involved in the practical environment and ensures smooth transactions which in turn facilitate quick responses and prompt services.
  • Graphical User Interfaces
DLS PMS incorporates friendly graphical user interfaces, minimizing key strokes and manual work.  The interfaces are so carefully planned that the user spends very little time in the data entry and there by draws much more time to concentrate on rendering hospitality.
  • Scalable Architecture
DLS PMS is built upon a sound three tier architecture which packs an encrypted flat file sytem for data storage in itself and also embraces other contemporary backend engines, thus facilitating the clients to choose the backend of their choice.
  • Integrated Environment
DLS integrates all key departments in the industry and thus minimizes repetitive tasks and increases efficiency of the department output.
  • Data Security
Data security is one of the key factors, which DLS PMS has sturdily concentrated upon.  The Client's data is stored in a compressed encrypted format internally and deflated upon usage.  Hence expect through DLS PMS, there could be no better means to change the  data externally. 

DLS PMS incorporates a three tier system for user rights assignment.  DLS watchdog runs through the user's login session and tracks down the activities throughout the session.  Rights are levelled on every single option in the department in which the user has rights to log on to.
  • Multibackend
We understand the investment spree of a client,  always clings on procuring the right software in a cost effective manner.  Storing their valuable data effectively is one major control which the investor puts his/her mind on while deciding a product.

DLS PMS comes you in cost effective inbuilt backend where the data is stored in a compressed encrypted format accessible only through DLS.  The system is also open for any type  of backend of the client's choice.

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